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Quality on the highest level. Safety always to the top step. You’ll find it at GOHIGHER. As a leading manufacturer of zlp250/zlp500/zlp630/zlp800/zlp1000 suspended platform, construction hoist, mast climber working platform,tower crane and other lifting equipment for over 20 years.In the past 20 years, we are ahead if it comes to access solutions.

Always looking for innovation. For us, it is not about innovation but to make your work easier and safer through innovation. That is after all what it’s all about. The certainty that you work with the best. Not only today but also tomorrow.

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Suspended Platform Project

The Suspended Platform Project aims to develop innovative and safe platforms for construction workers, ensuring efficiency and convenience in high-rise building projects.

Suspended Platform Project

Construction Hoist Elevator

The Construction Hoist Elevator is a reliable and efficient vertical transportation system used in construction sites, facilitating the movement of workers and materials to different levels with ease. Model with SC100,SC100/100,SC200,SC200/200,SC300 more popular.

construction hoist Project

Tower Crane Project

Tower Cranes are designed to handle heavy loads and provide precise maneuverability, making them essential for lifting and moving materials to different areas of a construction site. With their robust construction and advanced technology, Tower Cranes ensure safe and efficient operations in the construction industry.

Tower Crane Project
Suspended Platform Project
passenger hoist project
Tower Crane Project

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