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zlp630 Suspended platform

Introduction to Gohigher ZLP Electric Suspended Platform Models

The ZLP series electric suspended platforms are a common type of aerial work equipment, widely used in construction, renovation, cleaning, and maintenance tasks. These systems consist of a work platform, suspension mechanism, hoist, safety lock, and electrical control system, providing a safe and efficient working platform.

Steel Suspended Platform

Model Overview

The ZLP series features several models, each different in load capacity, platform size, and configurations to meet various project requirements. Here’s a brief introduction to some popular ZLP series models:


ZLP250: This is the lightest electric suspended platform model with a load capacity of around 250kg. It’s suitable for single-person operations, such as building facade cleaning or maintenance.

ZLP500: With a load capacity of approximately 500kg, this model is designed for two-person operations. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wider range of aerial work tasks.

ZLP630: This medium-load model has a capacity of 630kg and is one of the most widely used models. It strikes a balance between load requirements and cost-effectiveness.

ZLP800: The ZLP800 model is a high-load electric suspended platform with a maximum load capacity of 800kg, suitable for multiple workers or tasks requiring heavy tools and materials.

ZLP1000: The highest load capacity model in the ZLP series, with a capacity of up to 1000kg. It’s designed for particularly heavy load requirements, such as large-scale construction or industrial maintenance projects.


Features and Configurations


Safety: All ZLP series electric suspended platforms are equipped with safety locks to prevent accidental descent. They also feature overload protection, circuit protection, and other safety functions.

Ease of Operation: The operation of electric suspended platforms is relatively simple, with an electrical control system allowing easy control of ascending, descending, and stopping, enhancing work efficiency.

Versatility: These platforms are not only suitable for the construction of new buildings but also for the renovation, cleaning, and maintenance of existing structures.

Flexible Configuration: Users can choose different platform lengths, hoist powers, and other accessories according to specific work requirements, ensuring optimal work performance.


When selecting an electric suspended platform, factors such as working height, load requirements, platform size, and specific work environment should be considered to ensure the selection meets project needs and safety standards.

zlp630 Suspended Platform

What are the types of Suspended Platform?

With the development of cities, high-altitude operations are common, and the most common one is the construction of building exterior walls, and the electric hanging basket is designed to facilitate this construction situation. During construction at high places, the hanging basket is hung on the building. The hoist pulls the hanging basket up or down along the facade through a wire rope, so that the construction workers can carry out construction operations along the building facade. Let’s talk about the electric hanging basket. What are the types:


In terms of power drive, it is divided into:

1.Manual Pedal type
2. Electric type
3.Pneumatic type

In terms of the suspension platform structure is divided into:

1.Single layer suspended platform
2.Multi-layer suspended platform
3.Single person suspended platform
4.Temporary suspended rope platforms
5.Permanent suspended platforms

Classified by model:

1. ZLP250
2. ZLP630
3. ZLP800
4. ZLP1000

Classified by Purpose:

1. Round chimney cleaning maintenance suspended platform cradle
2. Swing stage hanging scaffold for Wind Turbine Repair
3. Hoistway suspended platform
4. Suspended Platform gondola for high rise building window facade cleaning
5. suspended platform for painting or plastering
6. suspended platform for chimney
7. Suspended Platform for bridge
8. Suspended Platform false car for elevator installation


Classified by materials:

1. Steel suspended platform
2. Hot dip galvanized suspended platform
3. Aluminum alloy suspended platform
4. Aluminum with different colour suspended platform

Classified by materials:

1. Steel suspended platform
2. Hot dip galvanized suspended platform
3. Aluminum alloy suspended platform
4. Aluminum with different colour suspended platform

Classified by Shape

1. round type o shape circular electric suspended platform
2. 90 degree corner L-shaped suspend platform
3. Fan-shaped suspended Working Platform
4. U-shaped Suspended rope platform
5. Circular suspended platform

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