What are the functions of the tower crane hook visualization monitoring system?

  1. Automatic tracking of tower crane hook

The camera focal length, magnification, aperture, steering, and vertical adjustment are specially controlled by a dedicated video analyzer. The instrument is automatically adjusted, and the tower crane driver does not need to take any other operations to assist the ball camera adjustment.

  1. Reduce the risk of blind lifting

During the operation on the construction site, there is a situation where the tower crane needs to cross the low building. When the hook is lowered to the other side of the low building, the tower crane driver cannot see the hook due to the obstruction of the building. The operation is completely directed by the ground guide, which brings great danger to the tower crane operation. We install the ball camera at the front end of the boom, and the line of sight of the ball camera will not be blocked by the low building. The tower crane driver can work more safely through the pictures taken by the ball camera.

  1. Accident restoration

The hard disk recorder in this system records and saves the video information collected by the ball camera in real time. After the accident occurs, the video information in the hard disk recorder can be read to restore the scene at that time, which is convenient for the safety supervision department and the construction site safety department to find the cause of the accident.

  1. Realize digital construction site supervision

This system provides network access function, and remote supervisors can view the on-site conditions of any construction site where this system is installed through the Internet, which facilitates the centralized management of the construction site safety supervision department and more effectively solves the problem of multiple construction sites, complex on-site conditions, and inability to conduct statistical monitoring.

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