Go Higher Suspended Platform
Manuel Spreder
Manual Spreder

Concrete Spreader is a new product to expend concrete pouring range and raise the level of mechanization of pumping construction.Which is ancillary equipment of concrete pump,connection with the concrete pump,expanding the range of concrete pumping.Solved the problem of pouring cloth wall effectively,also improved construction efficiency,reduced labor intensity.

It designed rational with full swing arm frame fabric structures,operated manually.structure is stable and reliable,turned flexible,360-degree forward and reverse rotation.Can changed fabrics orientation only pulling the rope.

Technical Parameters

       Model GH-12 GH-15 GH-18
Rotation mode Manual Manual Manual
Max Turning radius 12m 15m 18m
Jib turning radius 6m 7.5m 9m
Bearing block height 5m 5m 6m
Effective height 5.4 m 5.4 m 6.4 m
Landing leg max span 3.4m×3.4m 3.4m×3.4m 5.8m×5.8m
Self weight 1300kg 1400kg 1700kg
Counterweight(self-provide) 1200kg 1500kg 1800kg


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