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Mast Working Platform

Mast Working platform

Mast Climbing Work Platform MCWP200-30D Mast Climbing Work Platform, adopting rack & pinion driving system, is used for external decoration and cleaning of buildings, glass curtain wall construction and maintenance and so on. With maximum length of 30m long platform, there is enough space for materials and workers ,so the working efficiency is greatly improved.There is also telescopic platform available to adapt different shape of facade. Also the length of platform can be adjusted as required at project sites. It adopts rack & pinion transmission with complete set of safety devices to ensure the security of workers. The installation and dismantling of our platform is very easy. The driving unit are complete system without installation at site. Equipped with mobile chassis, it is very easy to transfer project sites and convenient to transport


Single Mast Double Mast
Min/Min Platform Length 4/10m 11/30m
Max Load Capacity 2000/1500 kg 3600/2000kg
Lifting Speed 0~6m/min 0~6m/min
Maximum Lifting Height 200m 200m
Free Standing Height when working 6 m 6 m
Platform Section Size 1.5m×1.35m×0.65m 1.5m×1.35m×0.65m
Mast Section Size 0.5m×0.5m×1.508m 0.5m×0.5m×1.508m
Driving System 2.2kw×2 2.2 kw×2 +2.2 kw×2


Safety devices

  1. Fall arrest device
  2. Loading capacity limiter
  3. Limit switch
  4. Upper limit protection device
  5. Lower limit protection device
  6. Door limit protection device
  7. Escaping window limit protection device
  8. Bell warning device
  9. Emergency stop protection device
  10. Buffering protection device
  11. Motor overload protector
  12. Transformer short-circuit protection device
  13. Phase sequence protection device
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