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Introduction to construction lift models and functions

Construction elevators, also known as construction hoists, generally come in various models tailored to specific needs. These models may vary based on load capacity, lifting speed, cage size, and whether they are designed for personnel, materials, or both. Here are some common model types and their functionalities:

SC series Construction Hoist: Often used for both personnel and material lifting. They usually have a modular design and can be equipped with single or twin cages. With capacities ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 kg and lifting speeds up to 96 meters per minute, these hoists are suitable for a variety of construction heights and conditions.

Material Hoists: Specifically designed for material transportation. They have smaller capacities than those designed for personnel but are efficient for moving construction materials up and down a building site.

Passenger Hoists: These are designed to safely transport workers. They comply with strict safety regulations and are equipped with features like overload sensors, interlocking doors, and emergency brakes.

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