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Construction Hoist

Construction Hoist

Construction hoist serve multiple key functions on construction sites, primarily focusing on enhancing efficiency and safety. Their primary function is to transport materials and workers vertically in a secure and controlled manner. This is achieved through a motorized system that can quickly and reliably move heavy loads, including tools, building materials, and personnel, to various levels of a construction project.

Name Model Rated Load(kg) Lifting speed       safety device type motor power(kw) Invert powerkw
Double Cage SC200/200 2*2000   0~36m/min SAJ40-1.2  2*3*11 2*37
2*2000 0~40m/min SAJ40-1.2 2*2*11 2*37
2*2000 0~53m/min SAJ50-1.4 2*2*13 2*45
2*2000 0~63m/min SAJ50-1.4 2*3*11 2*75
2*2000 0~96m/min SAJ50-2.0 2*3*18.5 2*110
Single Cage SC200 2000  0~36m/min  SAJ40-1.2  3*11 37
2000 0~40m/min  SAJ40-1.2 2*11 37
2000 0~53m/min  SAJ50-1.4 2*13 45
2000 0~63m/min  SAJ50-1.4 3*11 75
2000 0~96m/min  SAJ50-2.0 3*18.5 110


Model(single and double cage) Capacity(kgs) Lifting speed(m/min) Motor power(kw)
SC100TD 1000 36 2×11
SC200TD 2000 36 3×11
SC270TD 2700 36 3×15
SC320TD 3200 36 3×18.5
SC100/100TD 2×1000 36 2x2x11
SC200/200TD 2×2000 36 2x3x11
SC270/270TD 2×2700 36 2x3x15
SC320/320TD 2×3200 36 2x3x18.5
SC100GZ 1000 0-63 2×15
SC200GZ 2000 0-63 3×18.5
SC270GZ 2700 0-63 3×22
SC200/200GZ 2×2000 0-63 2x3x15
SC270/270GZ 2×2700 0-63 2x3x18.5
SC320/320GZ 2×3200 0-63 2x3x22
SC100/100G 2×1000 0-96 2x2x22
SC200/200G 2×2000 0-96 2x2x22
SC270/270G 2×2700 0-96 2x2x22

The vertical transportation capability of construction hoists reduces the time and labor required to move items manually or by crane, significantly speeding up the workflow and minimizing physical strain on workers. By providing direct access to different floors, construction hoists also eliminate the need for multiple scaffolding systems, which can be time-consuming to erect and move.

Safety is another crucial function of construction hoists. They are designed with various safety mechanisms such as interlocking doors, which prevent the hoist from moving unless the doors are securely closed, and overload detection systems to prevent the carriage of loads heavier than the specified safe working limit. In the event of a power failure or mechanical issue, emergency brakes and manual lowering capabilities ensure that the hoist and its occupants can be safely retrieved.

Overall, construction hoist play a pivotal role in enhancing the logistical efficiency of construction projects while maintaining high safety standards for transporting both materials and personnel.

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