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SC100/100 Construction Hoist Lift
construction building hoist

General SC100/100 Construction hoist lift is also called building construction elevator, rack and pinion construction elevator or man and material hoist. It is widely used as construction machinery to lift people and building materials.

Construction hoist is mainly used in the internal and external decoration, bridge building, chimney, curve etc.

SC series Construction Hoist/Elevators/Lifts adopts rack-and-pinion transmission. For so many years, having digested domestic and foreign advanced technology and innovated, it has become newly designed, compact structure, convenient operation, easy installation and disassembly, beautiful shape and reliable performance.

Product Feature:
• Safety brake on transmission system of each hoist car
• Electronic and mechanical door interlocks on hoist cars and base enclosure doors.
• Safety hooks assure hoist car is securely attached to mast.
• Stop and final limit switches that limit hoist car when reaching the end positions.
• Phase failure replay system prevents hoist operation unless correct phase sequence is connected.
• Heavy-duty overspeed governor which activates safeties that clamp directly onto mast legs
• Overload detector to prevent hoist from loading passenger or material more than allowed.
• Fault diagnostics system with display panel
• Emergency cut-off system.
• Spring buffers.
• NO counterweights required.

Model SC100 SC100/100
Cargo Man & Material Man & Material
Mast System Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
Load capacity 1000kg 2*1000kg
Lifting height 0~450m 0~450m
Lifting speed 0~36m/min 0~36m/min
Power supply 2*11kw 2*2*11kw
Frequency Invertor / /

sc100/100 construction elevator spare parts

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