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Hydraulic cargo lifts

Hydraulic Cargo Lift

Warehouse hydraulics cargo lifts platform
is a very widely used vertical cargo transportation equipment. It drives the pump station through the motor, and relies on the cylinder to drive the chain to drive the hydraulic lifting freight elevator to lift horizontally. Because hydraulic pressure is used as the lifting power.

It has the characteristics of large load capacity and stable lifting. It is widely used in the vertical transportation of goods between high-rise buildings.

Model Loading Capacity Lifting height Min.height Table size Power
SJD0.5-4.5 500kg 4500mm 150mm 2000*1500mm 2.2kw
SJD1.0-4.5 1000kg 4500mm 150mm 2000*1500mm 3kw
SJD2.0-4.5 2000kg 4500mm 150mm 2000*1500mm 3kw
SJD3.0-4.5 3000kg 4500mm 160mm 2000*1500mm 3kw
SJD0.5-7.5 500kg 7500mm 150mm 1200*1200mm 1.5kw
SJD1.0-7.5 1000kg 7500mm 150mm 1800*1400mm 2.2kw
SJD2.0-7.5 2000kg 7500mm 150mm 2000*1500mm 2.2kw
SJD3.0-7.5 3000kg 7500mm 160mm 2000*1600mm 3kw
SJD1.0-10.5 1000kg 10500mm 150mm 1800*1400mm 2.2kw

Generally used in factory workshops, warehouses, logistics, etc.

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