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What are the safety Features of rack and pinion construction hoist?(2)

Safety Features for SC200/200 Rack and Pinion Construction Passenger Hoist Elevator Single and Double Cage.

06 Overload device

07 Emergency Stop Switch

When an emergency occurs during the operation of the cage due to various reasons, the driver can press the emergency stop switch at any time to stop the cage. The emergency stop quick switch must be a non-self-resetting safety device, generally installed on the top of the cage.

08 Safety door

A passage for transporting materials and people entering and exiting is set up between the construction elevator and the floor. A floor passage door must be set at the junction of the passage entrance and the construction elevator. This door is in a normally closed state when the cage is moving up and down, and can only be opened by people in the cage when the cage is parked. It should be ensured that people on the floor cannot open this door to ensure that there is no danger when the passage entrance is in a closed condition.

09 Interlocking device for cage door and protective fence door

The cage door and protective fence door of the construction elevator are equipped with electrical interlock switches, which can effectively prevent personnel and materials from falling due to the cage or protective fence doors being started without closing. The elevator can only be started when the cage door and protective fence are completely closed.

10 Floor Call System

Since the driver’s operating room is located in the cage, it is impossible to know the demand situation of each floor and cannot distinguish which floor sends the signal, so a closed-circuit two-way electrical communication device must be installed. The driver should be able to hear the demand signal on each floor.

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