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What are the Safety Features of Passenger Hoist?(1)

Safety Features for SC200/200 Rack and Pinion Construction Passenger Hoist Elevator Single and Double Cage

01 Buffer spring

The buffer spring is installed on the bottom and connected to the base frame to reduce the impact of the cage when the cage falls, and at the same time ensure that the cage and the counterweight are in flexible contact when they descend to the ground, reducing the impact of the cage and the counterweight when they land.

02 Limit Switch

SC200/200 Rack and Pinion Passenger Hoist Include Upper and lower limit switch, door limiter, Skylight limiter, External fence gate limit;
To prevent the cage from exceeding the required stop position when going up or down, or from continuing to go up or down due to driver misoperation or electrical failure, etc., causing an accident. The limit device is installed on the cage and the guide rail frame. The limit device consists of a limit bumper and a limit switch.

03 Ultimate Limit Switch

The upper and lower limit limiters are used to cut off the power supply in time to stop the cage when the upper and lower limiters do not work and the cage runs beyond the limit switch and overtravel. The limiter is a non-automatic reset type. After the action, the cage can only be restarted by manual reset. The limit limiter is installed on the cage and the guide rail frame. (Overtravel refers to the safety distance specified between the limit switch and the limit switch)

04 Fall Prevention Safety Device

A safety device was installed to prevent the cage of the SC200/200 construction hoist from overspeeding or falling. The performance test should be carried out within the prescribed period.

05 Safety Hook

The safety hook is a hook-shaped device set to prevent the cage from reaching the preset position. The upper limit switch and the upper limit switch cannot be activated in time for various reasons. The cage continues to move upward, which will cause the cage to hit the top surface of the guide frame and overturn and fall. It is also the last safety device.

It can make the cage hang safely on the guide rail frame when it goes up to the top of the rail frame safety protection facility, preventing the cage from derailing and ensuring it does not overturn and fall.

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