Go Higher Suspended Platform

What is the facade suspended platform zlp 630?


ZLP630 aerial work suspended platform is a kind of construction machinery that uses a special steel wire rope to move the facade lift zlp630 up and down along the facade under the action of a climbing hoist from a building through a suspension mechanism. ZLP630 can carry a maximum load of 630kg and a maximum lifting height of 200m.

Application: Mainly used for exterior wall construction and decoration and renovation projects of high-rise or multi-story buildings. Such as painting, plastering, curtain wall installation, veneer, painting, glass cleaning and maintenance.

Architectural design related requirements:

(1) The support of the building or structure should be able to bear the full weight of the swing stage.

(2) The building should be designed and constructed to facilitate the safe installation and use of the hanging basket and provide safe access for staff.

(3) Safety anchor rings or embedded bolts for installing the hanging basket should be set on the floor, and their diameter should not be less than 16mm.

(4) Power sockets for the hanging basket should be set at appropriate locations in the building.

ZLP630 construction hoists use grade 3 structural steel, and the reliability of the seams is confirmed by non-destructive testing. When used in accordance with the instructions, the service life of the suspended construction cradle is more than 5 years.

In addition to zlp630, there are also zlp250 (single person suspended platform) ,zlp500,zlp800,zlp1000 models. Depending on the working scenario, high rise suspended platform of different sizes can be customized, such as o shape tank painting platform for bridge,work platform for tank maintenance,90 degree corner suspended platform,suspended platform single phase.

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