Go Higher Suspended Platform

Steel Suspended Platform

Steel Suspended Platform

The ZLP series features several models, each different in load capacity, platform size, and configurations to meet various project requirements.


This is the lightest electric suspended platform model with a load capacity of around 250kg. It’s suitable for single-person operations, such as building facade cleaning or maintenance.


With a load capacity of approximately 500kg, this model is designed for two-person operations. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wider range of aerial work tasks.


This medium-load model has a capacity of 630kg and is one of the most widely used models. It strikes a balance between load requirements and cost-effectiveness.


The ZLP800 model is a high-load electric suspended platform with a maximum load capacity of 800kg, suitable for multiple workers or tasks requiring heavy tools and materials.


The highest load capacity model in the ZLP series, with a capacity of up to 1000kg. It’s designed for particularly heavy load requirements, such as large-scale construction or industrial maintenance projects.

Model ZLP250 ZLP500 ZLP630 ZLP800 ZLP1000
Material Steel power Painting | Hot Galvanized | Aluminum Alloy
Colour Yellow | blue | Red | Green | Silver | Custom made
Lifting Height 100M
Rated Load 250kg 500KG 630KG 800KG 1000KG
Platform Size 1.2M 5M 6M 7.5M 7.5M
Hoist LTD630 α Type LTD800 α type LTD80 S type
Power 1.5KW*1 1.5KW*2 1.8KW*2 2.2KW*2
Voltage 380V | 220V |415V
Frequency 50HZ | 60HZ
Phase 3Phase | Single Phase
Safety Lock Anti tiling LSB30
Cable 100m
Wire rope 8.3MM 8.3/9.1MM 8.6MM
Suspension mechanism Standard Type: Front beam overhang-1.3~1.5m,Support adjustable height-1.44~2.14m

Optional Type :Parapet

Counterweight 1000KG  Standard Cement (Optional: Iron casting | Steel cover)

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