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ZLP250 Rope Suspended Platform

The ZLP250 electric rope suspended platform is a lightweight, versatile access solution designed for construction and maintenance tasks. With a 250kg capacity, it offers safe, efficient height access with easy assembly and operation. Ideal for facade work, painting, or repairs, it features robust safety systems, ensuring operator security. Compact and reliable, the ZLP 250 enhances productivity in challenging environments.

The zlp250 electric single person suspended platform is widely used in construction projects. A single-person suspended platform is a device used for working at heights, consisting of a seat, hoist, safety lock, wire ropes, and a distribution box. The basket seat is welded together as a whole, with storage racks on both sides for installation and use. The seat is used for construction purposes, while the storage racks are used for placing materials. The overall platform seat is made of steel structure.

zlp250 parts

ZLP250 suspended working platform is designed to support only single person working on. The simple structure of the product makes it convenient to assemble and disassemble, and easy to operate.

ZLP 250 swing stage specifications:

Voltage 220V/380V
Hoist 0.75/1.5KW
Speed 8mymin
Rated Load 250kg
Wire Rope φ 8.3mm
suspension Mechanism Optional
Chair 1
Hoist 1
Safety Lock 1
Control Box 1
Safety Rope 50m*1
Wire Rrope 50m*2

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